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Lee Hyori's iconic makeup style gains popularity among international fans on TikTok
In recent times, the makeup style of South Korean pop icon Lee Hyori has gone viral among international fans on TikTok.
Heatwaves threaten coral safety in multiple parts of the world, posing an urgent problem
Heatwaves occur when ocean temperatures exceed 90% of previously recorded levels, and cause many coral die-offs.
British Minister apologizes after government blood scandal cover-up
The Prime Minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak, has made an apology to the victims and their families of a huge cover-up of a blood scandal that a report has found.
Extensive landslides happen in the Enga region of Papua New Guinea
On May 24th, a deadly landslide struck the mountainous Enga region in Papua New Guinea, burying around 2,000 people alive.
AI and robotic technology lead the revolution of human life
Modern society is going through a continuous wave of technological innovation, and evolving robotic technology and AI are at its core, transforming human lives and suggesting possibilities for a better future.
EU cracks down on fast fashion with new sustainability rules
In a significant move towards sustainability, the European Union (EU) has announced new rules to tackle fast fashion and reduce waste, including a ban on the destruction of unsold textiles and footwear.
Solar storm draws thousands of stargazers
On May 10th, thousands of people were seen outside at night gazing at the northern lights formed due to magnetic storms from solar activities.
The NBA, with the rise of a new generation, the old generation is coming to an end
The NBA is undergoing a significant generational shift.
Chechen teen arrested for suspected attack on Paris Summer Olympics
On May 22, a Chechen teenager was arrested on suspicion of planning an attack during the upcoming soccer game in the Paris Summer Olympics of 2024.
Teen’s tragic death sparks urgent debate on TikTok’s harmful AI algorithms
The recent suicide of Chase Nasca, a 16-year-old high school student, has ignited a crucial conversation about the dangers of TikTok’s AI algorithm and its influence on the mental well-being of teenagers.