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F1’s ‘Prince of Monaco’ wins the Monaco Grand Prix

2024.06.14 18:14:19 Victoria Kim

[Image of a Ferrari car on an F1 track. Photo Credit to Pixabay]

On Sunday, May 26th, world-famous Monégasque F1 driver Charles Leclerc made history by winning his home race, the Monaco Grand Prix.


He has won one of the hardest races in F1 history, making this an incredible accomplishment.


F1 is a professional racing sport widely known by a lot of people, especially in Europe.


There are 10 teams with exactly 20 drivers in total, excluding the teams’ reserve drivers.


F1 is extremely competitive, as only one can win in the end.


The sport is also infamous for its danger.


Drivers can die while racing these cars, so they go through extensive training to prevent crashes.


However, there have been several cases of death in F1’s past.


One specific race on the F1 calendar is famous for its difficult circuit and sharp, street-like corners, but it is also notorious for its numerous crashes.


This race is none other than the Monaco Grand Prix.


The Monaco Grand Prix is historic and widely famous for its street-like circuit.


It is known to be the hardest race to win in the F1 calendar.


Qualifying is crucial for this grand prix since the person in pole position most likely takes the win.


Unfortunately, there have been many crashes in this race, as it is one of the most dangerous circuits in F1 history.


Its narrow twists and turns with sharp corners cause many crashes.


Charles Marc Hervé Perceval Leclerc, a 26-year-old F1 driver, is Monégasque and is known as the ‘Prince of Monaco’ among his fans.


He is currently a Ferrari driver and has always dreamt of winning his home race, the Monaco Grand Prix.


Growing up, he would see the circuit and dream of becoming an F1 driver and winning this grand prix.


Before May 26th, although he had many pole positions in his home race, none of these chances had ended well.


But he got his 3rd pole position in Monaco and decided to try his best for a win.


The Tifosi (Ferrari fans) were cheering for the 26-year-old driver, hoping he would go down in history as one of the few Monégasque F1 drivers to win their home race.


Despite the pressure of leading from the front, Leclerc maintained a commanding presence throughout the race.


His race strategy was executed to perfection, with his team making crucial decisions on tire management and pit stops.


The timing of pit stops, in particular, is critical in Monaco due to the limited opportunities to overtake on the track.


Leclerc and his team nagivated there challenges like experts, and maintained their lead despite intense competition.


The race was not without its tense moments.


A late safety car period brought the field closer together, while adding the drama and increasing the pressure on Leclerc to defend his lead in the final laps.


However, he gave his all in every lap, and finally, he crossed the finish line in 1st place and took the prize home.


Due to this accomplishment, he moved up to 2nd place in the driver’s championship, closing in on three-time world champion Max Verstappen.


This is fantastic news for Ferrari and their fans.


This weekend, Charles Leclerc truly achieved history, accomplishing great things for all his fans and viewers, according to Ferrari News.

This historic win not only highlights Leclerc’s remarkable driving abilities but also his resilience and determination, qualities that will undoubtedly continue to drive his success in the world of Formula 1.


As the celebrations continue in Monaco, the world of motorsport applaudes Charles Leclerc’s extraordinary achievement in winning the Monaco Grand Prix 2024.

Victoria Kim / Grade 6
Sinsa Middle School