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Apple’s $3499 Vision Pro takes AR to the next level

2024.03.21 06:42:27 Chaemoon Han

[Photo Credit to Pexels]

Apple has unveiled its latest innovation, Apple Vision Pro and it has quickly established itself as the best performer between commercial AR devices.


Apple Vision Pro is the first product of Apple’s new major Mix-Reality (MR) product category ‘Vision’.


The Apple Vision Pro is a cutting-edge display device worn by users on their heads and has a similar design to VR headsets.


Apple calls it a ‘Spatial Computer’ which does not use the words VR, AR, and MR.


They want developers to use the word ‘Spatial Computer’, eschewing traditional terms likeVR, AR, and MR.


The price starts at $3499 and there are opinions that the Apple Vision Pro is an early-access tool for developers and content creators so that content can be developed for the upcoming VR market, rather than a product targeted at general customers due to its hefty price.


Apple didn’t just start the AR market. Other big players like Microsoft and Meta have tried to enter the AR market even before but Apple is getting more attention from customers.


Despite previous attempts by companies like Meta and Microsoft to penetrate the AR/MR market in the past, none of them could get attention like Apple Vision Pro.


Several factors have hindered the popularity of AR devices including high prices, undersupply of content, and battery issues.


One of the reasons for its lack of popularity is the lack of differentiated 3D and 360º content on computers, phones, and AR devices compared to other content.


Another reason for the lack of popularity is the short battery time and high price.


The AR market is not as developed as the cell phone market, resulting in the high prices.


It's also not free from short battery time compared to laptops and mobile phones.


As a head-worn device, weight is important, so it's hard to fit a large enough battery to last a long time.


Apple Vision Pro uses an external battery to solve short battery time due to the limitation of weight but still the battery time is short.


Despite the external battery, the 500g weight is not low and it's probably related to the glass material of the Apple Vision Pro.


Meta’s VR headset Meta Quest 3 has 500g of weight even with the battery on.


Despite these drawbacks, Apple's ecosystem integration is a standout feature of the Vision Pro.


Apple Vision Pro works with Apple's MacBooks to create multiple virtual monitors to help you work more efficiently, and it shows the magic of making multiple devices feel like a single device.


Apple’s “Hello Apple Vision Pro” promotional video seemed to emphasize the strength of ‘anywhere’ by setting up a work environment in an instant even in the kitchen with a keyboard and a magic trackpad.


Some reviews say it can make life more convenient by allowing the user to set a virtual timer in the kitchen and allowing them to customize the environment.


The expensive price and short battery time are something that many products had at launch and they usually stabilize over time, so it seems likely to get better over time.

Chaemoon Han / Grade 9
Dhahran Middle School